In 2011, passenger traffic at Odessa International Airport increased by 17 per cent

In 2011 Odessa International Airport served 824,300 people, which is 17% more than in 2010. The increase in passenger traffic on domestic flights was 65%. On international routes, the number of travelers has increased by 9%. At year-end segment of the domestic traffic is almost 20% of the passenger traffic of the Odessa airport.

The number of flights for the year increased by 8% to 14,734 flights. According to the number of flights Odessa International Airport came in second place in Ukraine.


In 2011, we opened new lines of communication with air Batumi, Baku (the period of the summer season), and increased the number of flights on existing routes.

The total number of processed cargo and mail increased by more than 4 times and was 3214 tons. The development of transportation is one of the promising areas of the Odessa airport. The significant increase in production figures cargo airport complex is observed for several years. This is made possible by the discovery of a bonded warehouse license temporary storage. Warehouse to store regular and special goods that require special temperature, up to 3 months.

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