In 2012, Russia will be the first diesel-solar power plant

On the joint project was announced a group of companies "Renova", "RUSNANO" and the Ioffe Institute. AF Joffe. Designed by their autonomous system is designed for areas with a high proportion of diesel generation. The novelty will at times reduce fuel costs

The company "ROTEK" (part of the group "Renova"), with the support of scientists from the Physico-Technical Institute. AF Joffe plans to introduce in Russia combined diesel-solar power plants.

The structure of this complex will include about 500 thin-film solar modules from "Hevel" (JV "Renova" and "RUSNANO") with a total peak power of 60 kW and two Italian Pramac diesel generators with a rated capacity of 43 kW each (short term it can go up to 50 kW).

Diesel generators from Pramac — typical power plant in a box "turnkey". When you turn the alternate pair of these devices, their life must be 20 years of age (photo Pramac).

Combine efforts from all of these sources will inverter modules, transformers, fuses and controls, as well as a buffer battery (70 Ah, 240).

The total capacity of the combined plant will exceed 100 kW. The share of solar panels should account for over 70% of electricity generation.

 Russian autonomous hybrid plant will be equipped with control system via the mobile network (illustration "ROTEK")

General Director of "ROTEK" Mikhail Lifshitz explains that the hybrid system — economically viable solution for areas with high levels of solar radiation. This south Russia, South-Eastern Siberia, Yakutia, Baikal, and the Far East. It is important that in these lands cost diesel generation of electricity reaches 30-40 rubles per kWh.

The total cost of the equipment of one of the system is estimated at 10 million rubles. Given the price of diesel fuel, as well as its introduction into remote areas of the hybrid system must pay for itself in 2-3 years.

 In 2010, the Australian company Horizon Power has opened near the towns of Marble Bar and Nullagine pioneering solar-diesel power with flywheel energy storage. Complexes combined field of solar modules with the tracking of the sun, a few diesel generators and buffers for energy storage flywheels. Australians claim that the solar component of both complexes in the amount produces 1,048 megawatt-hours of energy per year, providing 65% of the output power of these stations during the day. And it allows you to save up to 40% fuel compared with a similar system on some diesel engines (Photos Horizon Power).

Hybrid systems that combine diesel generators with solar panels mainly represented by small mobile units, but such stationary objects (in the picture — power plant in Western Australia) in the world there are very few (photo from


According to the company, "ROTEK", the first instance of domestic diesel-solar power plant should start operating this year. Place of residence is not yet selected, but considers the Republic of Altai and Yakutia.


Combined system for generating electricity (plus alternative fossil fuels) gradually are used abroad. The figure shows an example of such a complex structure. 1 — solar battery, 2 — "sunny" inverter, 3 — Inverter Battery, 4 — batteries, 5 — diesel generator, 6 — windmill (illustration from the site


Building on the experience of operation of the first sample, the project partners intend to develop a "common solution" on such stations. Special attention is paid to the growth of experts will be possibilities of thin-film modules.

One of the participants of the whole business — "NTC thin-film technologies in power at the Ioffe Institute. AF Ioffe "(a subsidiary of" Hevel ") — intends to conduct research to improve the performance of these batteries. Developments on this same technology will be transferred to the production of "Hevel" in Novocheboxarsk (Chuvashia)

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