In a three-star system discovered an Earth-sized planet

In a three-star system discovered planets the size of Earth Facts

Astronomers have found the closest to us and the smallest known exoplanet. She was found in the Alpha Centauri system, located 4.3 light years from our solar system and it is our nearest star system. The structure of this system consists of two Sun-like stars, and another distant faint red star.

Discovered exoplanet called Alpha Centauri Bb behalf star around which it revolves. Weight of the world is very similar to the mass of the Earth, but the life on it in a number of possible because Alpha Centauri Bb too close to its star that heats the planet. They shared a distance much smaller than that between the Sun and Mercury. Alpha Centauri is Bb its orbit in 3.2 days.
Before that astronomers could not find a planet with a mass so close to the earth, orbiting the star, so reminiscent of the Sun (Alpha Centauri is smaller and tusknee). The only disappointment was the fact that the natural conditions on the open object completely exclude the presence of our usual forms of life. Opening managed to make due spectrograph HARPS, a telescope located to within just 3.6 m, which is owned by ESO observatories in Chile.

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