In Adler began work new treatment facilities

The new wastewater treatment plant, built to order "Olympstroy" collect runoff from the Adler district. In the first phase of the work of running a single set of collection, treatment and discharge of waste water capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters per day.

Full capacity of treatment is 100 thousand cubic meters per day. Technological scheme is a multi-stage cleaning and meets all modern standards: triple filtration system allows you to turn sewage into drinking water almost.

In the first phase wastewater is mechanical cleaning of debris on the next level, the elution of sand and grease. Next, enter the wastewater aeration tanks, where they performed biological treatment with the help of special bacteria. These microorganisms are capable of degrading the water contained in the organic compounds into harmless to human life and health components. After the biological treatment of waste water rise in body purification and disinfection, which features ultra-violet lamp. So use the most environmentally friendly technology. Purified water is supplied by pressure-myrrh collectors into the receiving chamber deep issue, which goes to sea a few kilometers from the coast.

The old sewage treatment plant, commissioned in 1970, dismantled.

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