In Colorado, there was a forest fire

In Colorado, there was a forest fire Natural Disasters

Forest fire in the U.S. state of Colorado for the night managed to destroy 850.5 acres of land, as the day the fire spread easily through the forest and surrounding areas. At the moment, found that the fire damaged 14 buildings, among them were eight houses.

From closest to the fire, the Wetmore (80 miles from Colorado Springs), located one mile west of the burning wood, has evacuated 386 people who were temporarily housed in a church in Florence and Pueblo. The fire call and human negligence, and sparks that might fly away from power lines. The fire spread quickly, as it is now in the southern districts of Colorado is very windy, and the vegetation was severely dry during summer drought.

According to experts, about 25 houses are in the zone of danger. Firefighters can not even approach the fire from the air, and their efforts will be futile, because the wind only increased. In connection with a fire closed several roads leading to the south of Wetmore and trail running in Colorado. All residents of neighboring fire district advised not to walk in space, close to the fire.

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