In Khabarovsk, opened a sports complex galaxy

In the railway near Khabarovsk, on Chekhov Street, on the eve of 155th anniversary of the city opened a new sports complex "Galaxy".

The new sports complex "Galaxy" is a modern four-story building, which is located 3 sports hall — gym, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Provided here and ancillary facilities for physical training, training in modern simulators. The sports complex has created favorable conditions not only for physical activity, but also for recreation. Indoor air coaching, locker rooms, showers, a medical office.

Total Area — 3500 sq. m. Engage m here on a permanent basis will be able to about 800 children. The cost of construction of sports facilities amounted to 185.5 million rubles, the principal amount of Khabarovsk municipality has allocated 30 million rubles for the target program subsidized the region, and 35 million rubles were received under the federal program.


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