In Khakassia launched the project Teachers home

June 14 in the village of Politov Askizsky district officially put into operation the first in the country Teachers house. One and a half years ago in the country program was adopted in the current year in Khakassia will be put into operation four more such objects.

New Teacher’s House consists of two sections: a residential and educational. The first consists of a well-organized three-room apartment, where the teacher will live with his family. In the second part of the rehabilitated two classrooms, a gymnasium, canteen, medical office, a teacher, showers, bathroom.

Symbolically, the first teacher in the history of the House of Khakassia was built exactly in Politova in 1919.

It is a wooden building of the old school. Over the last 13 years, a primary school teacher working here Yanina Borgoyakova. The woman lives in the village of Ust-Chul, and every day she had to get to the children walk and ride to the next village for 12 kilometers. Now, this will not be necessary.

With the opening of the teacher’s house, I will dwell Politova Askizsky district has made tangible progress in terms of the conservation of a unique national culture of Khakassia.

In this small village inhabited exclusively by representatives of the titular nation. Teacher’s house — it’s not just ungraded elementary school filled with modern equipment, interactive whiteboards, internet, but also an educational center of the village.

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