In Kharkov, opened the Perinatal Center

At the Regional Hospital has earned the Regional Perinatal Center. Doctors will assist approximately two thousand births per year from all over the Kharkiv region.

Perinatal Center is located on the 4th floor of the training and diagnostic hospital building and consists of several separate units. In the structure of the perinatal center 140 beds, in particular, obstetric unit in the maternity ward, departments of pathology of pregnancy and extragenital 90 beds, gynecological unit with 30 beds, neonatology and pediatric unit with 60 beds, including 40 beds department co-host mother and the Department of Child and postnatal care with 20 beds, and a visiting obstetric team for emergency and urgent care. The total floor area of 3,636.56 square meters. m

The cost of reconstruction was 45.1 mln., including at the expense of the state budget allocated 35 million UAH. Also, more than 4 million UAH allocated for the purchase of equipment, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. From the regional budget for the creation of the perinatal center allocated 2.47 million hryvnias.

According to the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin, will soon be established board of trustees, which will help the center to purchase medicines. It will include business leaders Kharkiv region. According to the governor, patrons have already purchased a special cooling technology that will store the medication.

Kharkiv regional perinatal center set up in the framework of the National Project "New Life — new quality of maternal and child health." Create perinatal centers would provide a highly specialized and high-quality medical care for pregnant women, new mothers and childbirth with severe obstetric and extragenital pathology, as well as newborns.

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