In Krasnoyarsk DPS patrol crews equipped with computers with databases for all drivers

Inspectors Krasnoyarsk go to "Ladakh", equipped with the latest technology (photo

In Krasnoyarsk DPS patrol crews today netbooks equipped with databases for all drivers. 20 mini-computers came to the regiment DPS at the expense of the regional budget. The new equipment will greatly facilitate and simplify their work with offenders.

As the press service of the Interior Ministry on the edge, now every inspector can check the road user on all databases in seconds. "Previously, this process took a long time because all the crew contacted the duty on the part of the radio air, and the crew had to wait a long time for their turn to be checked. Inspector now with the netbook itself can check out the car on the basis of a hijacked or stolen transport, find out if they have a driver unpaid fines, and not on whether the citizen at large ", — According to the press service said.

Especially important technical novelty in the work of traffic police officers with pedestrians. First, if the person was not in possession of identity documents, it was necessary to bring him to the police department. Now you can identify with the database.

"Databases are protected, each employee comes in with a personal password assigned to it. All traffic police officers have already been trained, and have individual access to databases", — the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"With the advent of technological innovations process of interaction between traffic policeman and road user becomes easier for inspectors, and for the driver or pedestrian — said the commander of the patrol service of Krasnoyarsk Vladimir Evseenko. — On average, the process of checking on the basis of, for example, unpaid fines, takes 50 seconds to a minute. Previously had to wait much longer. "

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