In Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region). Solved the problem of water shortage

In Magnitogorsk, put into operation a diversion of water from the Ural River in the area of Malo-Kizilskoe water intake. This will solve the problem of shortage of drinking water in the city.

The complex is part of a program aimed at addressing the water issue in Magnitogorsk. It includes a pump station and a 11-kilometer-long aqueduct that feeds Lenin and right-bank part of the city. The new complex will provide entry into the water supply of more than 30 million cubic meters of water per day, accounting for one fifth of the consumption of the city. While in the action are two pumps of the three, the last is reserved. However, the population is fully provided with water.

picture story It should be noted that this project has been designed to offer maximum dry summer. Experts say that in the next decade, the problems with the water supply Magnitogorsk not arise. In autumn 2010, Magnitogorsk switched to a restrictive regime of the hot water supply. The reason was the lack of resources due to the dry summer. Due to limitations of closed pools and car washes.


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