In Mari El open a new school

By tradition, the first of September for pupils of Mari El in the present construction of a new school. This year, the settlers were more than 600 pupils of secondary schools in the district p.Krasnooktyabrsky Medvedevsky.

Chervonozhovtneva school was founded in 1933. During the period of its development, educational institution formed a creative team and fostered a 7 generations of graduates, which is justly proud. New technologies of teaching methods, the best traditions of national education, creative interaction and understanding of teachers and pupils — all this characterizes Krasnooktyabrskiy school as one of the best educational institutions.

Since 2010, the school district is methodical center for civil and patriotic education. Formed cadet detachment "Svyatoslav the Great". Students of the school take an active part in the festivals and events patriotic at all levels: competition "School Safety" Memory Watch and the honor guard at the Eternal Flame and others.  

Today, the school bell rang for the first time for 50 pervoklasnikov. In the new building, students can not only effectively acquire knowledge, but also develop in other directions. It organized 24 circles, electives and sports clubs.

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