In Orsk opened a kindergarten, a school, a sports complex and a children’s diagnostic center

In the capital of East Orenburg last Saturday hosted celebrations to mark the Day of the city.

The first gift that builders timed to the birthday of Orsk, was Kindergarten № 19 "Kapitoshka". After a major overhaul, he will take 150 children.

The next object was fitness center in pos.OZTP. He has already been named the platform for future champions. Large gym, aerobics room, a hall for sports and recreation center — such a modern sports complex in Orsk waited a long time. The new sports complex will become the base for the training of young wrestlers who for years lived in the basement adapted.

The school number 5 opened after major repairs building of an elementary school.

Children’s Diagnostic Center on the street. Shelukhina — another gift to the birthday of the city. Modern clinic, equipped with the latest technology, the doctors of the regional center and tele-consultations with the professors of the country’s leading hospitals — advisory reception save many young patients from a trip to the area and other cities.

Today, after the cap. Repair offers "Kindergarten number 40 generally developing form with priority implementation of artistic and aesthetic development of pupils’ Golubok."

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