In rice cultivation lies the threat to our climate

In rice cultivation lies the threat to our climate scientists have proven

Recently published data from one study, which said that the cultivation of rice in the world can cause a dangerous increase in concentration of the greenhouse gas methane in the atmosphere. CH4, which appears when the growth and cultivation of this crop, contributes to the warming of our planet.

Scientists have found that elevated carbon dioxide concentration rice fields begin to produce much more methane than in low CO2 concentrations and lower temperature. That is, growing in warmer conditions, rice makes these conditions even more heat released to the atmosphere of CH4. This is the effect of paddy fields has been found in Asia and North America.
The situation is even more sad when you consider that this environmentally unfriendly figure ranks second in the world in terms of production and consumption. It is a staple food for millions of people around the world and hardly mankind renounce its cultivation, despite the fact that for every kilogram of rice produced by the end of the century will occur twice as much carbon dioxide.
Rice — the main crop for developing countries that need more food because of the ever increasing population. Requests for its cultivation are increasing, and with it the release of methane. That people will choose, hunger or climate deterioration, answer yet not taken one.

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