In St. Petersburg, opened a new stage theater Aleksandrinsky

In St. Petersburg on Wednesday, May 15, the opening of the second stage Aleksandrinsky theater. For the first audience a tour of the three corps of the small stage of the theater. Visitors saw the training stage of the theater, a concert hall with 350 seats, a media center, from which the performances broadcast on the Internet. In addition, viewers were able to watch performances taking place in the framework of the festival "Aleksandrinsky."

Construction of the second stage Aleksandrinsky theater was completed in April 2013. On the construction took 1.8 billion rubles. Once the new buildings put into operation, the deputy artistic director of the theater Grigory Popov said that the builders were able to save 18 million rubles.

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Alexandrinka-2 — is not only a comfortable hall for 300 people, but the school media center and theater technology. "This unique center is not in the country and even in Europe," — says the artistic director Valery Fokin Aleksandrinsky theater. According to him, the new center will inject fresh blood into the very Alexandrinka. "These two vessels will give life to each other, to boil and move theatrical process," — he said.

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New Stage Theatre Aleksandrinsky started designing in 2008 — around the red-brick building warehouses and theater workshops, located in the courtyard between the area of Ostrovsky and Fontanka. At first it was only on an experimental stage, but in the course of the project idea was born theater complex, which includes classrooms, rehearsal rooms, an experimental stage. Now the total footage of premises is eleven thousand square meters, and the amount invested in the project — one billion 800 thousand rubles.

On the streets of New Scene viewers fall into the central foyer of the second floor (the first is a garage for company cars): hence radiate transitions in three buildings. From the very foyer, too, can get to the main stage. There are a number of projectors, TVs and displays with the function of Kinect. During today’s performance on one of the screens is a huge portrait of Dostoevsky, so that everyone will be able to offer the classic series of exercises and do them in sync with the exercises.

The third floor is an atrium with a variety of bars and cafes. The brick building theater workshops — the production of the early XX century — is left untouched. All new buildings have sprung up around it.

In the space of the Educational Theatre, located on the second floor, located at the opening of the theater text. The main idea of the project — that between the viewer and the text is not an actor, a mediator. Four playwright compose text directly in the shares, and the audience to read it from the screen. In this case, the technical capabilities of the space such that the playwright creates a play in online mode, it may be in another city or country.

The walls are painted passages and corridors in the zones. Red marks the space of Education Building, Green — space for the main stage, the blue — an administrative unit.

The main decorative material — artificial stone Corian is widely used today in the design hotel stands, bars, window sills. It has all the advantages of marble, but is much cheaper.

But the level of the central staircase made from a favorite material of Michelangelo, Carrara marble, and the side walls — glass with brass railings. I remember a description of the fairy of "Cinderella" Schwartz his magic wand, "She is very modest. Unadorned. Simple diamond with a gold handle. "

The main hall is a transformer designed for 300 people. But only 144 chairs in it will be able to operate the plunger — the scene will change the configuration on the right course of action. It is these features shows at the opening of his performances on the theme of Dostoevsky’s Russian Engineering Theatre "AXE" — one of the most famous and titled theater groups, which emerged in the early nineties on Pushkin, 10.

The entire basement theater in the mechanisms currently busy serving the transformer room. They are fully automated. While on the European experimental sites won today the idea of using the so-called praktikabley — easily assembled by hand platforms with this problem for two hours cope mounter. Such praktikabli used in educational theater space.

On the third floor of the theater center equipped with a TV studio works — but outside the prospects of its use has not yet made a reservation. As to the internal functioning, it is shown here at the opening of the project on the theme of moral choice. They engaged Moscow director Leroy Surkov, the text runs Ukrainian playwright Natalia Vorozhbit — the couple formed two years ago during one of the laboratories’ TPAM "(" theater space Andrei Mighty "), during the last five years he worked as an ideological base for the New Stage Alexandrinka.

In staging the opening team for each project — and this experience will be used in the future — besides the usual director, artist, playwright, producer, and will include a programmer who will solve the problems arising in the process of working on the show or performance art. For example, for the "Sonia" by Anne Eremeeva, which will be shown in the rehearsal room, created a program Skype conference at 32 threads (against ten, which allows Skype today).

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