In Tambov opened Gerontology University


November 9, Tambov inaugurated Gerontological University at the Center of measures of social support and work with the individual categories of citizens.

The purpose of the university is to create opportunities for the rehabilitation of the elderly and their inclusion in an active social life. Embody is planned with the help of new knowledge and communicating with interesting people.

The idea of developing a program of the University belongs to the Department of Gerontological Social Work, uvenology and management in the social sphere of Tbilisi State University named after GR Derzhavina.

The program consists of five blocks: the socio-psychological, socio-cultural, welfare, social, legal, and social health. Each of them is aimed at solving specific problems. In working with older people use various methods: training, role-playing games, contests, quizzes, talk shows, literary compositions, performances, theatrical performances, joint celebrations and job clubs. For each block of the program with the students of the University for a month will be highly skilled work.

Upon completion of training, each will receive a certificate and will have at his place of residence, to organize, for example, a circle or a social club.

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