In the Astrakhan City Polyclinic number 8 it. Pirogov opened a comfortable day hospital

On August 1, the basic unit of state budget health care Astrakhan region "City clinic number 8 them. Pirogov" opened a comfortable day hospital. Earlier this unit took only 2 studies, and has 5 beds.

Today, the hospital occupies a wing of the building, which underwent a major renovation, there is the current level of treatment and diagnostic facilities, created comfortable conditions for patients. The new day care three chambers for 12 beds, where treatment in accordance with the standard of care for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, neurological, musculoskeletal and urological systems, respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract.


Day hospital — a form of pre-hospital clinic for patients who do not require a doctor round the clock surveillance, and assigned to carry out the procedure at home is not possible. Patients come in the afternoon, get the necessary procedures, relax, go home or to work. Treatment in a day hospital provides an opportunity to lead an active lifestyle, maintaining a familiar routine. As part of a day hospital patients are fully equipped with medicines and receive intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular injections, medication in tablet form, as well as take courses in physical therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage. Organized the necessary expert advice and additional types of surveys. According to the doctor — therapist Helen Shatokhina day care, this form of work with patients is more effective than the usual home treatment. "Being in day care has a number of advantages, both at the stage of diagnosis, and in the course of treatment, as provided by an integrated approach, possible only within the medical establishment, which leads to rapidly improve the health and recovery of the patient. Upon completion of all procedures are carried out monitoring diagnostic studies, final consultation, and recommendations on the treatment and diet, as well as further treatment and observation ", — summarized Helen V.. Despite the cramped conditions, Hospital day-care base branch "City polyclinic № 8 named after NI Pirogov" from January to June 2012 were treated more than 230 people. Given the new comfortable working environment department, this type of care demanded of the population will become more affordable. State Institution of Health Astrakhan region "Polyclinic number 8 them. Pirogov" continues to work to improve the level of public satisfaction with the attached medical care. In the near future in the clinic will be open completely renewed prevention department. The Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan region

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