In the city of Anzhero-opened after reconstruction cardiology and neurology department BTF

In the repair and re-invested more than 60 million rubles, which is almost completely update the old dilapidated walls, replace ceilings, install new systems of heat and water, refitted Chamber and staffroom.

Today in 23 bright comfortable hospital wards at the same time can be treated 37 cardiac and 45 neurological patients, including 12 people in need of intensive care. At the junction of branches will operate a primary vascular center, equipped with a special import beds and monitors to track the status of the most severe patients.

The main innovation was the office computer tomography, equipped with the latest generation of 16-slice CT scanners German company "Siemens Arena", worth 17 million rubles. Its acquisition will solve the acute to the citizens and residents of the Taiga, Yaya and Izhmorskaya problem areas and speed up the examination of high-tech start of treatment. To operate the new equipment 4 young trained specialist.

All in all, only part of the modernization over the past year, the city purchased 48 units of modern medical equipment, including two Videocolonoscopes, ultrasound machine, oxygen convector, a set of physical therapy equipment, radios and car for emergency medical help. In addition, in the offices and clinics purchased and installed 206 computers, 110 printers and 8 informants included in a single information system.

Significant changes are expected in the treatment of urban-based health care in the current year: in the repair and re-equipment will be invested another 125 million rubles. Already begun overhaul first clinic in the Eastern region. At the first stage of conversion of (surgical) of the housing the city hospital. There is also a renovated second children’s clinic and the roofing was replaced in the clinic number three.

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