In the Perm region commissioned by Amtrak station Kizel

Construction of station at the station Kizel Perm region SvRW complete. Aug. 2 at the new station square will host the opening station, which will be attended by heads of SvRW and Perm region.

In the second phase of construction on the site of the demolished buildings of the old station was undeveloped station square, ramp and stair descent. Built a new modern platform length of 221 meters of reinforced concrete.

Recall, after the completion of the first phase of construction in March 2013 Station Kizel opened the passenger door. Today it is a modern one-story building area of 515.6 square meters. meters, designed for comfortable stay of residents and visitors alike. The room is located on the passenger hall 72 people, ticket offices, locker room, police, administrative and technical facilities, a snack bar. Central Directorate of passenger arrangement of "Russian Railways" invested in a station more than 65 million rubles.

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