In the Russian Armed Forces is a center of geospatial navigation

In the Southern Military District (SOUTH) organized the first in the Russian Army Center of geospatial information and navigation, so long as the production of electronic cards will not be given in exceptional civil conduct, said Monday the head of the press service of the district, Colonel Igor Gorbul.
"Building on an experimental basis only while in the Armed Forces center of geospatial information and navigation was completed recently in Korenovsk (Krasnodar Territory) on the basis of several pieces of Staff SOUTH topographic service. Using the development of digital technology and IT-specialists connections will provide ACS system of military districts and high-precision weapons geospatial information based on remote sensing photographs to create the terrain and special electronic cards, and maintain a data bank to monitor the state of the field of radio navigation satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS », — said Gorbul RIA" Novosti ".
He said that in case the experiment successful, such centers may be established in other Russian military districts. Created in SOUTH center is equipped with the most modern equipment and new technology.

"In service connections are hardware and software systems" Viola "and" ARM-EC ", a mobile digital topographic system" Volinets ", equipped with navigation equipment, satellite transceivers, electronic gyrocompass. Thanks to the introduction of modern technology center staff can deploy the equipment and begin the task for ten minutes, "- said Gorbul.

According to him, the latest equipment can perform equally efficiently topographic tasks as a place of permanent deployment, as well as in the field, as well as "all operations and calculations in real time using both satellite and navigation systems."

According to the General Staff of the WTU, already created and delivered to the troops navigators flatbed. These navigators are able to not only show the location of the object on the ground, but also to determine the properties of objects, masking properties of the terrain, line of sight with the "stationing" thanks to the ability to load electronic topographic map. At the same time navigating the user terminals are designed for use in process control until the series to supply the Russian Armed Forces have been received.

As previously noted in the Russian General Staff, the order of use of such terminals while only being developed in the framework of a unified system of command and control tactical level. Upon completion of the development works military plans to get a system in which to navigation terminals senior military commanders will be shown fighting units subordinate units.

In late October 2011 the head of the Military Topographic Directorate of the General Staff (GS WTU) Russian Armed Forces, Rear Admiral Sergei Kozlov said that the production and updating of electronic topographic maps for the Russian army handed over to civilian organizations (mainly subsidiaries of "Oboronservis"). At the same time, Rear Admiral said that these functions under the state defense order in the interests of the Defense Ministry were transferred to industrial enterprises, defined on a competitive basis in accordance with applicable law.

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