In the Volga produced more than 3 million sturgeon fingerlings

25 years ago Volgograders and could not assume that the black caviar and sturgeon will be unusual and rare delicacy. Most fishermen are now even dare to dream about such a catch. After construction of the power plant and the mass extermination of sturgeon and beluga sturgeon is not left. In order not to lose public property especially valuable fish species are now grown in factories. Another batch of bottle-released into the Volga River on Wednesday Volgograd sturgeon hatchery.

— The plan was to young to be 2.65 million, but managed to grow 3 million 252 thousand pieces of sturgeon and sturgeon. Their size is more than usually produced at other plants — 3-4 grams. And the last issue about the dam zone was the biggest. "Youth" was 10 grams, — says Sergey Yakovlev, chief ichthyologist FGBU "Nizhnevolzhrybvod"

By the way, the fish have a chance to survive is big enough. In these places, banned fishing of predators — the main enemy of "stuff" — specifically regulate. So in 10 years in our Volga will present royal fish.

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