In the Volgograd region II of the construction of a production of polyester fabrics

At JSC "Gazprom khimvolokno" (Volzhski) kicked off the second phase of the investment project, which aims — the creation of a production of polyester yarns for industrial use and cords for the tire industry. 

In October 2012, the plant was put into operation a modern production of polyester tire cord fabric.

However, the raw material for the new line until purchased abroad. The result of the implementation of the second phase of the investment is to create its own database for the production of polyester yarn needed to ensure the capacity of the enterprise. 

JSC "Gazprom khimvolokno" implements several projects, which resulted in the company will be put in production of technical fabrics and tapes, geotextiles. In addition, the site plans to build its own power plant, which is in full production will provide the necessary energy.

The total investment of over 7.4 billion. This will create about 580 additional jobs.

At JSC "Gazprom khimvolokno" 517 people now work. The average salary exceeds 17,000 rubles. It is predicted that the amount of taxes paid to the budgets of all levels in 2012 will be about 145 million rubles, in 2013 — about 380 million rubles.

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