In the Voronezh region received a batch of breeding pigs from Denmark

In the district of Voronezh region Novokhopyorsk delivered 619 pigs from Denmark: 433 pigs — "hybrid F», 186 — rocks "Large White breeding." Was delivered to pig-breeding company "APK AGROEKO" (Red Village) animals intended for breeding. 

Large White breed is used to improve other breeds of pigs and the creation of new types. For pigs of this breed is characterized by high fertility and prolific. Adult sows farrow give one healthy piglets 10-12, 14-16, and is often born piglets. When crossed "hybrid F1» with other breeds of pigs ("Large White" and "landrace") increased fertility of individuals, there is an increase vitality and intensity of growth of young animals, improving the quality of the meat.  

Who arrived from Denmark breeding pigs to go through quarantine. "Foreign women" spend a month in a separate room to avoid contact with other animals and birds. At this time, for them to be assigned a separate staff. Animals raised in quarantine are subject to daily clinical examination. Livestock passes diagnostic tests for various diseases: brucellosis, leptospirosis, chlamydia, tuberculosis, classical swine fever, swine flu, etc. 
 Quarantine will be lifted to the exclusion of diseases, after all laboratory diagnostic tests and preventive measures.


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