In Tomsk, completed the reconstruction of Khrushchev as a unique project

In Tomsk, completed the reconstruction of a five-story house built in 1963 — "Khrushchev" — a unique project. As a result, the building was energy efficiency class "B", while today with new buildings shall be assigned to the class "C".

The house is located on the Komsomol prospect, 71. During the reconstruction, which lasted 8 months, here replaced all the utilities, windows, doors, porches repaired. Also wraps attic, where housed 12 apartments of various sizes (six of them — one-room).

According to experts, the life of the house at the Komsomolsk, 71 after renovation "rose" for another 50 years, which means that this approach to the restoration and repair of the "Khrushchev" can become a real way and Tomsk, and for all Russian cities.  

The cost of reconstruction amounted to 43 million rubles, of which 7% put the federal budget (under 185 FL), 23% — the regional budget, 19% — the urban and 51% of the investor has invested. Last recoup the money by selling an apartment in the attic.

As for the occupants of the house, before starting work, the district administration has received the written consent of each of the major overhaul of the owner.

The city authorities do not rule out such a project in collaboration with other investors. In Tomsk, has 580 houses of the first mass market, an area of more than 1.8 million kW. meters. Houses "447" series, to which the house and on the Komsomol prospect, 71 — 306 objects.


"Residential building has not been renovated 47 years, so it needed a comprehensive overhaul, — said Yuri Baev. — In addition, the existing five-storey building envelope does not meet modern requirements of the thermal protection of buildings. Builders are insulated facade, made a replacement of the heating system, the reconstruction of the thermal unit, changed the pipes of water supply and sewerage. "

In addition, the head of the regional department of the modernization of the economy and the housing sector, a reconstruction of the existing entrances to the entrances, lobbies implemented new extension with the installation of new insulated doors to the entrances and basements, insulation made plinth of the building, installed new windows and balcony frames, made with the add attic 12 apartments.

"After the renovation Xruschevka corresponds to energy efficiency class" B ", — said Yuri Baev. — Replacement of obsolete equipment with modern ensures the reduction of heat consumption in the home by 30% and pay for itself within 2-5 years. Due to the complex reconstruction of the life of the house is extended by 25-50 years, and significantly increases the level of comfort of living. "

The pilot project was implemented by the City of Tomsk with funding from multiple sources on an equal footing — the budgets of all levels and the private investor. The project can be seen as an example of simultaneous tasks Extensive repairs of an apartment building and move people out of dilapidated housing, Yuri Baev added.


Thus began this project (video, 2010):…omskenavserossiyskom.html

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