In Tuva, the construction of the railway Kyzyl — Kuragino

In Tuva, will be built railway length 411.7 km, which will link to Tuva and Krasnoyarsk Territory Russian railway network.

The first set of blasting construction of the railway Kyzyl — Tuvan Kuragino on its site. Work has started on the site of the future station "Kyzyl-truck" near the village of Eerbe

For the second week here are works by dumping ballast fabric of the future road. Station for about two kilometers and a width of 100 meters is designed for throughput of 15 million tons of cargo a year, including 12 million tons of coal Elegest. In case of need, and she is sure to arise with the further development of the natural resources of Tuva, the capacity can be increased to 30 million tons.

Currently at the construction site activities are being conducted general contractor NGO "Mostovik" by throwing an object at about 40 units purse road equipment and constantly growing its presence. As a subcontractor working on the construction of the station staff Kyzyl Road Builders LLC "East".

— Currently, — said General Director Sergei Uyusov — at our facility employs 50 workers and more than 20 pieces of equipment: bulldozers, excavators, graders, dump trucks. I consider it an honor that it was us, the first of the local organizations able to participate in such a grand building, had the chance to show that we are able to work better than others. As the Deputy Director General of the Yenisei Industrial Company, in the "zone of responsibility" which is located 255 kilometers highway under construction, Sergey Melnichenko, builders in the period up to 2016 A huge amount of work: apart from laying the rails, build a hundred bridges, 14 avalanche galleries, break six kilometers of tunnels. Much of the railway line will pass through the difficult mountain taiga areas. The builders will have to move more than 50 million cubic meters of soil, including 30 million cubic meters by drilling and blasting.  

— The first blasting will move 10,000 cubic meters of rock material. This is the first explosion all over the road under construction. At the Krasnoyarsk area business while confined mainly engineering survey.  

Drilling and blasting operations are carried out in Moscow Russian drilling corporation, whose CEO Oleg Draganov said that the first explosion, to get ready for five days over a hundred wells drilled, stuffed with ten tons of explosives, explosives have for themselves, first and foremost, technological effect.  

— According to the results of work will be finally understand what types of drilling rigs and explosives should be used in further work. When will enter the working mode, the number of explosions increased to 3 — 10 a day.  

The demonstration of the first explosion at the construction site of the future station arrived first deputy prime minister of the republic Mikhail Kozlov. Turning to the assembled guests and builders, he said:  

— While the builders of the road and claim that for them — it’s just one of the highlights of working in such a moment is very difficult to resist the inspirational words. Without exaggeration, we can say that we are going to witness the event, which was waiting Tuva hundred years, since back in those days was discussed on the construction of the railway in Tuva. At various stages of its activity I also had to participate in various meetings on the issue, but then I could not even think that you have to open one of the most important stages of its construction.  


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