In Yakutia, started the production of basalt plastic reinforcement

December 27 Pokrovsk "Technology basaltic materials" (LLC "TBM") launched the first production line of basalt plastic reinforcement. Technology from start to finish was developed by Russian scientists and engineers.

In Russia, she began to take just three years ago, and now, in addition to the Intercession of the plant, such enterprises have only three cities in the country. In Yakutia, the Company now full cycle of basalt on the basis of local raw materials. Launched the first issue here basalt insulation, in July 2012 the company started to produce continuous basalt fiber, basalt rebar production — the next phase of the project.

The performance of the company about 10 tons per year. All lines are unique. They are equipped with the latest technology and fully operate in stand-alone mode.

This type of production was made possible by the implementation of an innovative project in the country "Basalt — new technologies," aimed at the implementation of the industrial technologies and the creation of complex high-tech industries for the production of continuous basalt fiber and building materials based on it. Fittings — became one of the first products of the project.

Its activities are carried out by "Technology basaltic materials" in the financing of "Republican Investment Company" and JSC "RUSNANO", including the target program Vnesheconombank "Funding for innovation and modernization projects of small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing sector and in the field of modern technology. "

"Today will be released the first few hundred meters of basalt rebar diameter of 12 mm using the same production lines and 8 mm — on the other. This is the most popular and necessary kind of basalt composites, which are used in construction and industry. They need to make turboprovodov, poles, piles, road web. "- said at the ceremony otkrytiyageneralny director of the company" Technology basalt materials "Yegor Zhirkov.

He noted that in contrast to other Russian companies that sell their products abroad, produced by "BLS" is aimed primarily at the domestic market and, above all, for use in the far north, that is, in Yakutia.

Basalt — a modern composite material based on basalt fibers and organic binders. Has a strength that exceeds the strength of steel. It features high resistance to alkali in an environment of mortar and concrete. It has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

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