Increases the activity of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

Increases the activity of Poas Volcano in Costa Rica Facts

Poas Volcano alerted residents of the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica on his awakening strong rumbling and shaking. Early in the morning of the volcano ash and began to climb the dirt. Height of the ash column is more than 500 meters. As reported by the observers of the national park, which is located on the territory of the volcano, the ash from the crater was attributed to several hundred meters from the top and covered the ground and the trees of the park.

Poas long has the status of a highly active volcano, but as of 2006 it was not recorded serious or dangerous eruption. Given the current state of the volcano, experts from the National Seismological Network engaged closely monitored in order to fix the time any increase in the activity.
Despite the ash emissions and frightening sounds out of the crater, the current status of the Poas Volcano is not a concern. Entrance to the National Park temporarily left open for tourists, but as soon as a threat is detected by scientists of the eruption, the parks will be closed.

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