India disappointed in the after-sales service of Russian equipment

India disappointed in the after-sales service of military equipment manufactured in Russia. As reported by Aviation Week, Air India has recently announced a number of international tenders for the supply of spare parts for various aircraft and helicopters produced in Russia, because they could not agree on maintenance with the main supplier — "Rosoboronexport".

Currently, in India there are 25 tenders for the supply of various components, including transformers for the MiG-29, as well as the main landing gear for the Su-30MKI. In addition, the Indian Air Force are searching for in the international market of spare parts for transport and refueling aircraft IL-76 and IL-78, Mi-26 and Mi-17, and various ground-based radar stations of the Soviet-Russian production, including missile defense radar P -19 (1RL134) "Danube".

Difficulties arose after-sales service for several reasons. First, the supply of parts and components is performed regularly, often at great intervals. In particular, the Indian Air Force previously complained of shortages of supply of spare parts for the Il-78MKI, leaving even a tender for the supply of air tankers, which should replace the Russian tankers. The tender involved Airbus A330MRTT and IL-78.

Secondly, according to the Indian military, "Rosoboronexport", the main seller of Russian military equipment and services, has created a set of "impediments" in the chain of supply of spare parts. We are talking about the need to regularly enter into additional contracts and agreements, demands payment for the delivery of spare parts, and sometimes the conclusion of new contracts. In addition, the Russian state-owned company from time to time requires a review of the price parameters of existing contracts. As a result, lengthy approvals violated uninterrupted supply of necessary components.

According to a source Aviation Week in the Indian Air Force, "after-sales relationship with the Russian has always been unreliable, but in Soviet times it was possible to understand and even forgive." Now, the Air Force does not intend to waste time waiting for deliveries of Russian spare parts for which "the responsibility rests with the seller." "If you are experiencing shortages of supply of spare parts for major programs, such as the Su-30MKI, then something is very, very wrong," — said a source in the Indian Air Force.

Among the most popular for the Indian Air Force are now parts of the MiG-29, which pass through an intensive program of modernization. Planes need more than 150 items of spare parts and components, including main and tail landing gear, LED, video amplifiers, transformers and resistors. As a result of shortages of spare parts for other aircraft, reduced the number of their combat missions and, consequently, the combat potential of the Indian Air Force.

At the end of February 2011 the Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriev said that foreign customers are placing a lot of claims to delivered military equipment. "Even in Soviet times underestimated very important part of our business — the repair of equipment, modernization, supply of spare parts, tools and accessories. We, unfortunately, inherited, and to overcome this legacy was not so easy, "- said Dmitriev, noting that in parallel with the rise in military products this situation negatively affects the competitiveness of the Russian defense products.

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