Innovative production technology of sapropel

All the more problematic and expensive for businesses to become receipt of raw materials for poizvodstva production, especially in agriculture and heavy industry. It is not surprising that the CIS countries are experiencing increased interest in the use of our own natural resources to production based on these organo-mineral fertilizers, cosmetics, health products and food. Such resources may include organic lake-bottom mud — sapropel.

Russia is the leader in the preparation and design of enterprise production and processing of this raw material in bulk, liquid, granular and tablet fertilizers, feed additives, mud. The market projects such enterprises has more than 200 technology solutions using various types of equipment and machinery. At this stage, an important link in the business decisions is their efficiency, environmental, economic and technical safety.

Often made earlier projects can not become a reality because of their flaws or incomplete study of decision-making. More and more often require the expertise of design and innovative projects in the field of weapons of mass destruction based on sapropel. Such services covered by the international Center for the sapropel has offices in Latvia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

It provides technological assistance and preparing investment projects and business plans, as well as conducting their expertise in the field of mining, processing and production of fertilizers, mud treatments, feed additives, cosmetics, building materials of sapropel. It also conducts survey and assessment work in the fields of sapropel, issue a formal opinion on the suitability of sapropel or bottom sludge ponds as raw material for the production of fertilizers according to GOST R54000-2010, conducts environmental, technical and economic assessment of earlier design decisions for the extraction of sapropel and production of these marketable products.

Innovation is essentially a set of equipment for the production of pastes, dry. granular fertilizer and tabletirovannnyh of sapropel. These industrial complexes made of different size and performance, adapted to any customer. On completed projects and business plans of the Centre for SAPROPELS issued bank loans, whose return is possible within 9 months of receiving it. The most searched programs for small and medium-sized businesses and costs vary in the range 7-20 million rubles. Their maximum capacity can reach up to 150 thousand tons per year. If the products to be exported, the project design of the production complex will be evaluated as early as 26-42 mln., With the release of several types of products — 18-50 mln. Intensive production technology, when products can be obtained after 20-45 min. after the extraction of raw materials from the pond, there is always more extensive. Extensive call those solutions in business, when you can leave the extracted raw materials on the site for the storage of freezing in the winter.

Most asks products sapropel in the foreign market — and rekultivanty bulk fertilizer, soil formers, sorption of heavy metals, radionuclides, neftezagryazniteli rekultivanty and soils. Packing of such products is usually requested in big bags — big bags, Volume l 500-2000, at least in bags of 20-50 liters of volume. Russian wholesale companies bought Sapropelic fertilizer and garden soil based on sapropel packaged in bags of 10 to 50 liters, 3.7 liters in packs, PVC buckets — up to 36 liters. Are in demand in Russia — the loose sapropel and pelleted. Find a buyer Sapropelic liquid fertilizers in bags and buckets.

The most profitable business in the manufacture of products from sapropel is the production and sale of fertilizers in tablets mikroupakovke. Profitability of sales of such products is 72 thousand rubles. per ton of raw material at its sebestoimocti 1200-1600 rubles / ton. Even higher the yield — the production of cosmetic and therapeutic applications of sapropel, masks, swabs, antitsellyulitov, substrates, anti-stress, etc. Today, only one SAPROPELS Center has more than 14 technological development of products in a given direction, drafts and delivers production equipment for the production of various products medical and recreational purposes. Capital expenditures in this area processing Sapropels not above 5.9 mln., And the yield — up to 280 thousand rubles. per ton of raw material prepared. Equipment is available for processing from 5 to 50 tons per month.

Sapropelic feed additives and sapropel-vitamin feed do not find large amounts of sales due to lack of their fame in the market. However, demand in Poland, Kazakhstan, in the southern regions of Russia.


Agricultural enterprises, which have on their territory ponds and lakes practically gifted by nature clean and gratuitous material for the production of products and profit from its sales. Especially they use this natural resource base for the production of natural moisture Sapropels with making it yourself immediately to their fields. At a cost of extraction of sapropel with such technology in the 340-570 rub/m3 with pipeline delivery of them in the topsoil derived profits, for example, when collecting potatoes 2-2.5 times higher than the background result, ie the yield in the first year after the introduction of such fertilizers is increased by 30-47%.

An important element in getting good products from the sapropel is its research, and counting the number of correct choice of technology production. It takes a lot of time, up to 2-3 months., But it is necessary to obtain conclusions about the suitability of raw materials, certification and obtaining specifications for products.

Center for SAPROPELS is a leader in the preparation of production of products based on sapropel and shall perform such work in sequence with the lowest cost and risk. By the time of the signing of the contract to plant start-up time for prospect evaluation, laboratory and design, supply, installation and commissioning of the equipment shall not exceed 0.6 years.


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