Interpolitech 2011: new developments in the field of security

In the period from 25 to 28 October 2011 in Moscow at the Exhibition Centre in Hall. Number 75 will be XV Anniversary International Exhibition of Means of State Security "Interpolitex — 2011." The organizers of the exhibition are the Russian Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service of Russia and Russian FSMTC.

The organizers tried to make the event was not "formal." The exhibition will feature a large number of recent developments that have all the chances to be subsequently taken up by law enforcement agencies. Among them: bronekolpak FSUE SSPA "Aileron", a digital camera-based sensor L3Vision Company "Neva Electronics", a special protected computer with built-in communications systems developed by NPG "Tradition" and more.

I would like for each of the new products to tell more.


Digital camera-based sensor L3Vision Production Company "Neva Electronics" (St. Petersburg). A camera with electronic amplification allows operation in low light without IR illumination. Today it is a major advantage over similar products, especially when mounted on military installations, due to the lack of IR takesadvantage give-away is a significant factor.


Another novelty — bronekolpak SSPA FSUE "Aileron" (Moscow) designed for equipment roadblocks the Interior Ministry of Russia and the Russian Defense Ministry, as well as for permanent installation in the protected perimeters special, critical and strategic facilities. Design bronekolpaka — a separate module in the form of a truncated hexagonal pyramid mounted on a reinforced concrete foundation. Bronekolpak consists of a space frame made from bent and rolled over on top of the sheets and sheathed armored steel using electric arc welding. Hood is one of the faces of a door opening to the outside, as well as rectangular slits, lockable from the inside shutters of steel armor and armored viewing window.


The third novelty, which I would like to stop, is specialized protected computer with built-in communications systems, developed by NPG "Tradition" (Moscow). It is characterized by a high degree of protection from the effects of various disturbances are functioning properly, and has no analogues in Russia.

The computer is designed for use in extreme conditions of military forces, fire safety, oil and gas industry. Receiving and transmitting unit for a system of object positioning in real time provides the coordinates of the location of the object on the ground and can be used as a reliable security device. The work is based on the use of modern satellite navigation systems and ultra-wideband radar.

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