Irkutsk Technical University scientists have patented model Stoves with a combined circulation

The researchers set themselves the task to improve the process of drying wood, making it less time-consuming and more efficient.

As explained by Professor Dounaev, existing methods with the use of heaters and fans lead to defects in the wood — board "leads" or it cracks. The essence of the invention in a combination of two methods: the method of drying wood without forced ventilation, and with the inclusion of the fan. Furthermore, in the temperature Stoves consecutively then raised to 60 to 40 degrees lower. This timber dries uniformly over the entire length of timber, drying occurs in two times faster. Stoves and Dunaeva Mikheev can increase productivity doubled with an increase in the cost of only 10%.

The drying chamber is a metal box made of stainless steel with a heat-resistant insulation and trap moisture. It is equipped with temperature sensors and an electric psychrometer for monitoring temperature and relative humidity. The centrifugal fan is connected to the motor connected to the inverter, and that is controlled by an automatic control system. The electronic part of the chamber is made on the basis of the company Danfoss stands worth 600 euros.

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