Italian scientists are accused of untimely notification of the power of the earthquake

Italian scientists are accused of untimely notification of the power of the earthquake Facts

Six Italian scientists and one official have criminal term at six years for the fact that in 2009, they underestimated the risks of what happened in the medieval city of L'Aquila earthquake and not properly warned the public of the impending threat. Prisoners are also at the penalty of payment of property damage in the amount of € 9 million.

According to Italian law, sentenced, without warning of an impending earthquake 6.3 magnitude, have the right to appeal the sentence twice, and this deals with their lawyer to reduce the sentence to 4 years. But no matter how many scientists appointed, the medieval town of historical value, and 309 people have already died back not return.
All seven of the prisoners were members of the Committee on the major risks, the collection of which was just 6 days before the fatal earthquake. Prediction of the committee encouraged the residents of L'Aquila, and they were in no hurry to leave their homes even after the first earthquake. This led to what killed three hundred people, about 120,000 were injured.
The verdict has galvanized the public and the scientific community, it has been suggested that now seismologists are in a dangerous situation and will be afraid to engage in making projections, as in the case of inaccurate interpretation of crustal activity they could face jail. Over 5000 seismologists sent an open letter to President of Italy to pardon their Italian counterparts, based on the fact that none of the world 100% accuracy can not predict how it will develop a natural disaster, including earthquakes.

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