Italy can not cope with the Landfill

Italy can not cope with the Landfill Facts

The European Commission is going to cause by Italy to court to recover the penalty for what the country has not been able to deal with more than 250 landfills in their territory. Especially stringent requirements apply to the destruction of numerous landfills, where the hazardous waste.

And earlier in the official services of the country there was a negligent attitude towards the disposal of their own waste. So, in 2007, nothing has been done to comply with directives of the European Court on the clearing of hundreds of legal and illegal dumps. European Commission then decided to turn to the Italian authorities again, but this time with the intention to levy a fine in the amount of € 56 million for non-environmental requirements.
To the principal amount of the fine the Commission asks the Court to add a daily penalty which has had time coming up since the first appeal to the courts (250 thousand euros). Since 2007, Italy managed to clear only 31 of the 255 existing landfills, and in 16 of them contain elements of waste, hazardous to humans and the environment. What's worse, action planning and budgeting for further clearing concerned only 132 locations, all the rest are not spent a moment's attention.
Also, the European Commission did not receive any adequate information to confirm that Italy is installing adequate monitoring of illegal dumping. Particularly affected by this kind of dumping is in Rome and Naples, and from the interference of organized crime in the issues of recycling garbage situation immediately out of control government.

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