Izhmash designed for airsoft guns

In early July 2012 the Design and Technology Centre NGO "Izhmash" completed the development and production of the first prototype of the AK-74M in version airsoft, for playing airsoft.


For fans of war games designer Izhmash developed today demanded an electro-gun, which shot provided by an engine running on batteries — according to a press release from the NGO "Izhmash".

As the technology of airsoft versions are very similar to the production of military AK-74M, the plant plans to enter the mass production of this product in September 2012.

According to experts, the demand for the product will increase in proportion to the popularity of the game of airsoft, which is constantly gaining momentum (now officially registered 40,000 of airsoft players and most of them have several weapons for the game).

Also, the AK-74M will be in demand for recreational shooting and basic military training for young people in the system DOSAAF.
Appearance, weight, shape and dimensions of the product are identical to the famous AK-74M. Weapon can fire a single shot, and queues.

Technical rate of fire — 800 rounds per minute. Forged barrel caliber 6.03 mm fabricated using techniques similar to those for which the samples are fighting AK, and provides high accuracy results. Just shoot the AK-74M is not the classic version of airsoft ammunition, and balls with a diameter of 6 mm.

The initial velocity of approximately 135 m / s, but can vary depending on weight of the bullet is fired, and firing power unit.


Tests of the first sample of the AK-74M in airsoft version has already taken place. When firing from a distance of 50 meters diameter spread of impacts did not exceed 30 cm, for airguns with low energy shots (less than 7.5 kJ) is a more than worthy exponent.

Among the other advantages of the electro weapons designer noted frost, ease of loading, of multiply charged, ease of use and security, as well as wear resistance and the lack of restrictions on its distribution.

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