IzhMash reorganizes assets in a bankruptcy.


Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant ("Izhmash") in early April adjudication, in the near future will rent and sell up to a third of their land, as the production capacity of weapons-grade concern this year, higher than the state defense order of 60 times, according to the newspaper "The News" General Director Maxim Kuzyuk.

As explained by the director general, extensive free space on the "Izhmash" formed after the 2008 factory purchased machines with numerical control. Unlike previous devices that machines require 20 times less. Last year, when the plant started a new production cycle, the problem with extra space has become urgent.

According to Maxim Kuzyuk, currently under way at the plant is being reorganized. Rent will be given to the area in which the work tool and weapon production, and produced machinery. But the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles and shotguns "Saiga-12" will be made in previous workshops, said the head of the company.

After two or three years, said director general, when will upgrade production and increase the number of orders, "Izhmash" will be able to re-use part of the former space for expansion.

Elimination of extra space — a necessary measure

In the state corporation "Russian Technologies", which is a subsidiary of the "Izhmash" explained "Izvestia", the elimination of redundant space — a necessary measure. In this way, "Izhmash" will be able to improve their efficiency, significantly reducing the costs of the extra plants.

The proceeds from the sale of the money will go to pay off the loans of the plant. According to the director by the end of 2010 Concern "Izhmash" owed to creditors is 13.7 billion rubles, and the company made a net loss of 1.7 billion rubles. The requirement on the principal amount of debt now stands at just over 814 thousand rubles. Since February 2011 GC "Russian Technologies" implements the concept of anti-crisis restructuring of the plant.

Until the end of last year, the group of companies "Izhmash" included 32 legal entities. To date, all of them declared bankrupt and production business assets transferred to the "NPO" Izhmash ". Translated core business, including the implementation of contracts, the plant is scheduled for completion before the end of the first quarter of 2012, to form a property complex are going to end in 2012 year.

Experts note that the reorganization of the production will "Izhmash" become a member of the federal target program for the development of the defense industry, in which the money will be allocated from the budget to upgrade the machines defense enterprises.

On the "Izhmash" now produce combat arms: Kalashnikov AK-74M, "a series of one-hundredth" and AK-9 sniper rifle: W-98, W-99, SVD, SIDS, sub-machine guns: PP-19 " Bison "Vityaz-SN, combat shotgun K-IC, Air-gun cannon GSH-301.

The plant also produced self-loading rifled carbines, necamozaryadnye rifled rifles, self-loading smooth-bore rifles, precision and sporting arms.

Last fall, it was reported that the Ministry of Defence terminate the purchase at the "Izhmash" Kalashnikov, as at military depots of arms and has accumulated so much. The plant’s management has expressed its willingness to develop a new generation machine for the Russian army on the basis of the Kalashnikov — AK-12.

However, at the beginning of this year, the Defense Ministry said do not plan to buy weapons from "Izhmash" within the state defense order in 2012. The Defense Ministry then said that all manufacturers have issued their demands for small arms back in 2010, but so far nothing on the state tests were not charged.

On the "Izhmash" noted that the AK-12 is developed for export, but on key parameters and it corresponds to the current requirements of the Defense Ministry to automatic weapons. Press service of the Udmurt plant reported that the machine state tests could begin in late 2012 — early 2013. Leaders of "Izhmash" announced the development of a new family of automatic weapons a priority for the plant. At the end of January agreement for the purchase of products, "Izhmash" has given the Ministry of the Interior.

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