Kazakhstan refuses to clean energy

Kazakhstan refuses to clean energy Facts

Kazakhstan, which has vast oil reserves, recently officially adopted several programs for the implementation of technologies for alternative sources of energy. But after that, after VII Eurasian Forum Kazenergo leaked allegations that the country will continue to develop and mass-produce its natural field for economic purposes. To "green" energy will be given only 10%.

The forum participants commented his decision by saying that the process of clean and renewable energy is too expensive for their country compared with the traditional one. Slant on alternative energy is planned after the new technologies become cheaper.
At the moment, the energy in Kazakhstan by 80% receive from the mining and burning of coal, as the country is one of the largest deposits of this mineral. And no one is going to donate the huge economic gains for the environmental benefits, despite the fact that the landscape of the country and the location could not be better suited for the development of production of wind and solar (more than 300 days of sunshine in Kazakhstan, and natural gorges contribute to the formation strong currents of air).
Everything else, the Kazakh oil and gas, found in 2000, has already formed a queue of foreign investors, and the extra money in the amount of $ 20 trillion or more over the next two decades, the state treasury did not hurt either. Found field is one of the largest oil deposits discovered in the past 30 years.

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