Made in Saratov — a set of diagnostic and monitoring gaps railway ways

As a result of fruitful cooperation with the Volga railway, in the Saratov NPP "Inter" is designed to ensure the safety of trains and for the first time in Russia successfully tested as early as 2000. Hardware and software system for controlling the ignition gaps railways, with the identification of races, "cutting" and insecure areas. 

Designed for automated measurement of the gaps in the movement of rail joints, races and "cutting" with the preparation of a computer card gap and bind to Puteiskiy coordinate. Self-contained, mounted on a trolley-car flaw, matrise.

  • Stand-alone software package for monitoring for nothing


Built cards gaps compared with the norms of instructions for the safe maintenance path given to the temperature range in the region. This comparison allows to identify, predict and prevent dangerous sections of railway path at temperature and avoid accidents. Involve monitoring of gaps and non-contact temperature of the rail traffic.


  • Map gaps haul.

Performed based on the combination of laser sensors. Three-fold redundancy. The system also allows you to define the "races" joints and "logging" rail lashes length of less than 25 m range: 1-50 + -1 mm. Tested on the flaw detector car at 60 km / h.

Involve monitoring card clearance, registration rail temperature during the measurements on the move and the input parameters of average temperatures in the software processing. Data processing can predict the emergence of dangerous situations because of the possibility of release or gap junctions in the accumulation (Empty) gaps. Create a database and monitoring gaps at sites allows you to define progress rail lashes with separation zones shifts due to a weak mounting rails. Processing software for the card clearances removed at a certain temperature, converted to forecast the development of gaps for a given change in temperature rail lashes. Results of tests and repeated spans stays on complex showed that the frequency of the same type results from the sensors about 97%. The minimum value of the measured gap of 1 mm. The gaps of less than 0.5 mm recorded unreliable. The gaps are not skipped, chips and defects on the surface of the ski tracks are not felt.

On this problem for more than 15 years working VNIIZhT, PIC "Progress" SPC "Infotrans" Samara, "TVEMA." There is a development of eddy current sensors. However, tests showed that in the best case is not registered clearances joint rails, and the gap plus peeling or "slip". Thus, according to our information, the competition for the past years have not been able to duplicate our results and the relevance of the safety of trains on this issue remains.

Successful development we are currently not known. While no measures the gaps, and the gaps in conjunction with chipped and slippages.

The project — Winner and winner of the contest "green light" for winning the competition promising developments in the field of electronics and transport recognized (by specialized exhibition-forum "Electronics-Transport 2008" at the World Trade Center Moscow) product with high technical and economic potential and is recommended for use.

JSC "Russian Railways" ordered and partially paid under the contract this research. However, after a successful diagnostic test fee and the signing of bilateral instruments, it was found that in all areas of testing the standards of safety instructions maintenance of railway ways and they need to be either close to the train or restrict the speed — 25 km / h. Volga Railway — Branch of JSC "Russian Railways" has refused to pay the final stage, and demanded surrender komples "in the bag", without any editing, and debugging in the car! Yes, I ugorazdilo refuse to roll back FSBeshnikam (ganged insolently, and we still do not have time to get any salary).

Scientific and Production Enterprise "Inter" has refused to destroy the hardware and software system. The last step is not paid, our r / account arrested by the decision of the Arbitration Court issued a decision to recover from the NPP "Inter" million rubles for the development of the complex, which has no analogues in Russia and the world.

It got to the falsification of documents bailiffs and court of arbitration by the Saratov! (Falsification recorded and attached to the case, but the judge refused to consider Ignatieff, contrary to law). The official position of the current Chief of the Volga Railway — No development NPP "Inter" and was not!??

FSBeshniki received from the "kickbacks" in 2000. on the Volga Railway 5%. The decision at a meeting of the leadership of the road with the curator of the FSB Nikishin, because of our refusal to "roll back", adopted by GMP "Inter" is: "To drive this firm, which raises all the dregs. No money to give, not to take the product, contract terminate ". The current leadership of the Volga Railway while actively engaged in the destruction of all R & D developments made earlier "Inter". Interestingly, removed from office, the former head of the road Likhachev MP at the meeting said: "No offense, Anatoly, that I was so well behaved and spoke. What could I say when I have to kill the three chiefs of the roads. I do not want to be the fourth." And my brother, Vladimir T. Pavlova, who worked deputy. Head of the Volga Railway was the FSB organized the attack and killed him.

They were offended at my refusal to "roll back" and continue to work with us do not want. My 19 years of fruitful experience with the Volga Railway — The branch of JSC "Russian Railways", convinced that the results of research and traffic safety, now they are not interested. While the management of railway actively interested only in financial flows from the "kickbacks."

Thank God, is still alive and doing research and research from its own funds.

And in NAIR (National Association for Information Technology, Moscow), I explained that my brother Vladimir Pavlov and Oblprokurora Grigorieva, what killed — "can not be cured," and do not need to look for who did. And you do not kill, yet not so tired, but you’re still the only carrier of technology alone know how to do it. And once a "rollback failed, you jail" shine. " In Russia, many scholars are sitting in jail. " I explained that all this has happened — and two mental hospital and prison.

I explained that the organizer of the assassination of my brother, and then by Oblprokurora Grigorieva, the head of the Saratov FSB Beklenischev. A customer — Vyacheslav Volodin. That’s why "not treated" and "need not look that kills." From Moscow visible.
Although he realized that the organizers of the assassination and the murder of my brother and Oblprokurora Grigorieva were FSBeshniki, I’m right in the wording of "public opinion" in the presence of a reporter from the FSB warned — "Anatoly, you did not know, where you climb. From you already live on Harm is already larger than the dead. "

And in recent years, due to the murder of Oblprokurora Grigorieva somehow simultaneously awarded the Attorney General V. Volodin, the court decided to release the Director General of the plant "Hammer and Sickle" Maximov, but it’s still not the court’s decision, and Maximov hanged in a communal cell and No one saw anything. The official investi
gation by hanging has come to the conclusion that Maximov hanged himself with joy that he is released?? Now in Saratov wife Maximova sued, hoping to rehabilitate her husband, who works for his refusal to pay, immediately, the official version, and became crazy and ordered the killing Oblprokurora Grigorieva.

As long as you have it in the implementation of our projects.


Publications and participation in exhibitions:

1. A. Sergeev, A. Lobanov, Lobanov G. Pavlov, VT, Shilin EV Pavlov, AT, "Software and hardware for controlling the ignition gaps tracks, identifying races, "cutting" and the weak secure areas ", magazine" Road and Track Facilities "in 2006.

2. Participation at the Exhibition Center "EKSPOZHD-2000" and "Ecology 2000", pav. 57 and two regional exhibitions in the city of Saratov.

3. On the Specialized Exhibition-Forum "Electronics — Transport" on all contractual and development initiative made the report "Development Enterprise" Inter "for non-destructive testing, diagnosis, and monitoring of road and railway roadbed." February 20-22, 2007, Moscow, World Trade Center.

4. The project — Winner and winner of the contest "green light" for winning the competition promising developments in the field of electronics and transport recognized (by specialized exhibition-forum "Electronics-Transport 2008" at the World Trade Center Moscow) product with high technical and economic potential and is recommended for use.

5. Pavlov AT "Integrated Safety Management System of the train on the basis of the diagnosis and monitoring of the permanent way and roadbed», IV specialized exhibition "Electronics-Transport 2010", April 5-6, 2010, Moscow, VVC, pavilion number 75.

As this publication has been removed by a moderator, as I explained a moderator, due to lack of evidence and acts, it is recommended to bring proof of my words.

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