Manufacturer wound healing dressings signed a cooperation agreement with the company Evalar


Company "Akvela" signed a cooperation agreement with the company "Evalar" on large-scale promotion to market innovative dressings for wounds under the brand name VitaVallis (VitaVallis).

"There has been an established company. There was excitement, there was luck, a very large energy and perseverance. The company, developing, solved the technological problems and found a companion in the business environment, which has invested in the development of production of an amount close to 100 million rubles, "- said the representative of the fund Bortnick in the Tomsk region, the chairman of the committee on development of innovation and entrepreneurship Administration of Tomsk Gregory Kaz’min.

Plant for the production of dressings was built in 2008, but due to lack of distribution could not reach its full capacity — 5,000,000 bandages a year. "The critical mass (the demand for the company’s products — IF) was not. The agreement with the "Evalar" will allow small Tomsk enterprises become larger. We’re talking about changing the volume of sales by at least two orders of magnitude, "- said G.Kazmin.

Earlier it was reported that "Akvela" expects to start mass production of innovative antiseptic dressing.

"The agreement on the exclusive representation of our products in the territory of the Customs Union", — said the director of "Akvela" Natalia Kirilov at a press conference on Monday at the press center of the agency "Interfax-Siberia" in Tomsk. — In the 21st century, one of the global threats — the world can return to dopenitsillinovoy era. By the antibiotics that are being developed, the body quickly gets used and within a few months, they do not act on superficial wounds and infections. Together with the Russian Academy of Sciences has been developed a great product — wound healing dressings under the brand name VitaVallis. "

According to Natalia Kirilova, dressings are fundamentally different from all other dressings. They do not stick to the wound of any origin, it did not isolated, but is removed from the wound and isolating all microorganisms. According to the manufacturer, Tomsk innovative bandages work even in those cases where other means were powerless.

"During the year, has been tested in 100 clinics have been produced by experienced delivery and all features are supported," — said Natalia Kirilov.

According to her, the production of the material itself is being conducted under the strict control of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, which, as the license holder receives a percentage of sales.

N.Kirilova also reported that "Akvela" completes the certification of production in Vietnam, India and South Korea. "They already know our product and are waiting," — she said.

As for sales in Tomsk, the N.Kirilova assured that the products will in all pharmacies of the city at the end of October.

The head of the department of copywriting JSC "Evalar" Tatiana Glazyrina reported that the massive advertising campaign in other cities will start from Novosibirsk and Altai Krai.

"Received a preliminary agreement that the next year will include dressing in the list of products for which hospitals will be able to order the dressing on the system of public procurement", — noted T.Glazyrina.

She added that the retail value of a bandage will be from 100 to 120 rubles.

"The main difference of this material is that it solves the problem of stability of viruses and bacteria on the surface wounds to antibiotics, since the material’s physical principle of action, and in antibiotic — a chemical", — explained the agency "Interfax-Siberia," the chairman of the Presidium of the Tomsk Scientific Center Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Psakhie. According to him, the production of such a wound-healing material every year it becomes more and more important due to the steady increase in the cost of development and production of new antibiotics.

S.Psahe added that the new generation of wound healing dressings created on the basis of the so-called "Nanopovyazok", previously developed at the Tomsk Scientific Center.

According to Gregory Kazmina, Company "Akvela" is one of the most successful examples of scaling technology products.

He noted that the success story of the company began in 2004, when the fund Bortnick select projects for commercialization, and Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences has decided to take part in this.

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