Marines and paratroopers TSB exceeded the annual standards for skydiving

The soldiers of the Eastern Military District (OIE) in 2012 academic year were more than 19 thousand jumps.

The leaders in this index are military air assault formations deployed on the territories of the Republic of Buryatia and Primorsky Krai. The share of airborne for about 11 thousand jumps
Servicemen Marine Regiment of Kamchatka also completed the program airborne training at 106%, having made about 600 jumps.
It is necessary to note the active participation in this kind of military training of women. This year, in the Eastern Military District women in uniform have made more than 70 parachute jumps, running an average of 3 jump. Among them are their champions. So, Sergeant Elena Kuraeva, undergoing military service under the contract in one of the compounds of the SBI, has expanded its market by 4 jump. With this in mind, for all the military career of more than 125 times she went down under a parachute canopy.

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