Megaphone and Skartel launched in St. Petersburg in commercial operation the first LTE network


In St. Petersburg has about 500 base stations 4G, by the end of the year their number will increase to 1000, the director of the North-West Branch of "MegaFon" Alexei Semenov. The network was built in conjunction with the "Skartel" (brand Yota) and "megaphone", "MegaFon" will be working on it as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), said Semyonov. Terms of the contract, and he did not disclose the investment. The representative of "Skartel" declined to comment.

LTE coverage in the street is almost 100%, in the premises may be a communication problem, but with the increasing number of base stations will improve the quality of communication, said Semyonov. The average speed in the LTE network for users is now about 20 Mbit / s. The maximum theoretical speed LTE equipment may reach 326.4 Mbit / s.

In Petersburg imported tens of thousands of modems, says Chief Marketing Officer of the North-West Branch of "MegaFon" Sergei Protasov. By the end of the year and throughout Russia "Megaphone" is going to recruit 100,000 people LTE.

According to Semenov, to compete with the "Skartel" "Megaphone" plans due to the possibility in the absence of 4G coverage by automatically switching to 3G and 2G, which are not at the "Skartel." In "Megaphone" in the Northwest more than 4,500 base stations, 3G and 2G.

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