Mercury is the second tower supertoll in Europe

Supertoll second (ultra-high skyscraper) in Europe, Moscow Tower Mercury exceeded the mark of 300 meters. Today, work is underway in the area of the 70th floor (not counting the several technical floors). Previously it was assumed that the height of the skyscraper will be 327 meters, but it is now clear that the construction is carried out for a new project and a building height increase.


Let me remind you that the first building surpassing the mark of 300 meters in Europe has become a complex "Capital City", more 76-storey building, "Moscow" in 2010, and for the right of the second sverhvysotki competed in the fall of London’s ‘Shard’.

Skyscraper construction is coming to an end. The rest no more than ten floors.

Following the Mercury mark in the 300 meters in a year can overcome the Federation Tower "East". The height of the complex is 360 meters on the roof of the 93rd floor and 506 meters on the spire! Also in Moscow today, build 2 more supertolla. This 70-storey "Eurasia" and the 85-storey "International Financial Centre." Thus, in the near future in our capital city will have 5 super-high buildings. Apart from the two other projects that are still in the design stage. This is a plot planned by the tower "Russia" (612 meters on the roof of 118 floors) and frozen project of the Moscow mayor’s office. Today, for them to develop new projects whose values are not yet known. Total in Moscow were built and are currently under construction as much as 5 supertollov. To understand a lot or a little let’s try to compare our metropolis and other major cities in Europe, Asia and North America, London, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Guanzhou, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and New York.

Let’s start with the Albion. After all, if it is not Moscow, London was the only European to supertoll "shard" of his height (with metal) will be 309 meters.

Actually Shard

For comparison, Frankfurt

I must say that the first building on this chart does not really exist and no work on the supposed place of its location thereof. Therefore, the highest job in Germany remains Commerzbank (258 meters on the 53rd floor)

 Further Shanghai

At the present time there are built supertolla 4. Shanghai Tower (the first in the diagram), thawed and will be built in the coming years.

Let’s look at the world’s largest metropolis Guanzhou. To date — 5 supertollov. Construction  Chow Tai Fook Centre (First in the diagram) is frozen.

In the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur — 3 supertolla.

For example, in Tokyo supertollov not at all. What accounts for their earthquake-prone area, although Tokyo to me why it seemed highest town (by European standards).

The tallest building in Tokyo — Shimbashi (2014) will be 255.5 meters.

Finally home skyline — New York.

Strange but true. Today there are 3 supertolla. This Impire state building, Crysler and the new WTC

The remaining projects are still under construction or even frozen 

KSAT famous Trump World Tower (built in 2001) is the highest residential building in New York City High luminance below the apartment house in Moscow

Let our Triumph Palace (264 m) above the Trump World Tower (262 m) only because of the spire. But the fact remains! Especially since he is almost 2 times larger in area: 168,600 square meters versus 83,400 square meters.

I suggest a small tour of the new Moscow!




Yes, I cite the example of Dubai. And it is not correct to compare a city built from scratch with our historic center, not to mention the fact that Europe was not originally aspired to high-rise buildings. Yet! … 




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