Microwave unit for processing waste on an industrial scale


Russian scientists have once again proved that out of the garbage can obtain useful waste. It is worth it’s inexpensive, the new tech system — microwave reactor — will cost 13 million rubles, experts say, will be repaid in 2-3 years.

The machine is capable of processing 100,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year. This is enough to clear the small Russian town of garbage mountains. A complex system of microwave reactor — not that other, as usual for all of us kitchen gadget, said assistant of the biosphere technology Russian University of Chemical Technology Mendeleyev, CTO "Engineering Systems" Sergei Gulich:

"This is essentially a microwave, only much more power, capacity and performance. This device contains a special camera, heated by piers with fuel gas and due to microwaves. Under the effect of the application of these two temperature influences the decomposition of matter without access to air. The substance is decomposed into three components — carbon residue gas phase and the various components, which are then compensated and converted into heating fuel or motor product — depending on the waste initially put there. "

Environment-friendly — outlet absolute zero emissions thanks to modern gas cleaning system. As, however, and the main process of the destruction of waste. It is called "pyrolysis", that is, self-destruction, said graduate student of chemical engineering at the National Research Irkutsk State Technical University Natalia Dniprovska:

"With the penetration of microwaves into the interior of an object is its conversion into heat energy, due to which we are seeking a more intense rise of temperature, and it turns out that the object destroys itself from within. The result is products with a decent price, competitive and demand in the market. Of trash we get the money. "

To the optimal mode, the scientists have received a ton of waste 300 pounds of coke, which can be used in blast furnaces as coal. Also tons of garbage can be 120 pounds lighter heating oil, providing the work of the unit itself.

Furthermore, recycling will give about 20 percent of the synthesis gas required for all chemical processes. At the output of the ballast and the creation of even a fraction that can go into creating materials and nitrogenous fertilizers.

It remains to add that according to estimates using microwave generators, for example, landfills in the Angara, will achieve an amazing ecological and economic effects. If we talk about the monetary value is of the order of 200-250 million rubles a year.

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