Mikhail Osin: Thoughts of retirement I drive away (continued)

[Url = http://www.rsmfans.ru/index.php?module=Blogs&action=View&id=773] start here [/ url] [b] CHARACTER OF CANINE HONG Yong-Jo [/ b] [i] Unlike Valeria Klimov, who this season has voluntarily parted in the "Tommy" with the captain’s armband, aspen is in no hurry to do so, noting that for him to execute a command post is not honorable work, and pride. It is interesting that Michael is a captain for five years and despite the setbacks experienced by the club at the time, never allowed himself to harsh words for partners or guidance. [/ I] — I can also speak out firmly — dismisses suspicions aspen in the plush character. — If I feel that right, why should I be silent? Another question that should be at times to talk one-on-one, and not to make their claims to the Court of others. And to swear, need a reason, but look for it — the last thing. [Cut] — I’m sure every newcomer "Rostov" in a private conversation with Mikhail Osipov tested for the ability to be a team in its own? — This is a team we do understand, who can and who — no. — Joking aside, and really had to talk to someone one on one and to bring up? — I had to. There are also cases in which people will be offended by something or decide to forget about something important. But football — not an individual sport. In the team there are other children with their families, ambitions. Please offense after the game you like. And if on the left, so come on, with all the work off to the end. — The most important target for jokes in the "Rostov" remains a North Korean Hong Yong-Jo? — Yes, as a joke on him already? He’s like a dog — understands everything, but nothing in reply does not say. They asked if he had a girlfriend? Only laughs at him. However, Hong has not trained for two months. And ask him anything plainly impossible. If I do not know English, so it is even more so it does not understand. — At the end of last season, you wonder why he does not play in one of the Moscow teams, appreciating its level. — He is still the captain of his country, and the only one of its national team, who play abroad. It means something. When Hong wants, he plays very well, but in the winter it was a long time, now also leaving. It is possible, the authorities once they are prevented. But last year and this year we have two different Koreans. — Oleg Dolmatova everyone believes the coach with the saddest face in Russia. How often have you ever seen him smile? — Not often. Well, if a person considers it necessary to behave this way, it is his business. I remember that at last year’s meeting with fans some of them even specifically requested by Oleg Vasilyevich smile. The coach responded. — If Dolmatov — the saddest coach in your career, then Anatoly Baydachny was the most fun? — Oh, Anatoly was a crazy coach. Uncle of the world, you never get bored with it. If a team has won, for all players clutching their stomachs. He had a rich collection of football jokes. Tell? Uh, no. It is not for the press. For reasons of censorship. — Every coach is, as they say, its "trick." What were the "chips" and Baydachnogo Dolmatova? — Anatoly — is a bundle of nerves. In any situation, it was got, shouting. But mostly his impact on the team was positive. And Oleg Vasilyevich — thoughtful and specialist degree. — In the "Rostov" you had time to play with Balakhnin, Stepushkin and Shevchenko. What are the pictures remained in the memory of working with them? — With Stepushkin we worked quite a bit, and Shevchenko was not late. I agree with him, however, managed to "Uralmash" cross. But in the "Rostov" it did not work out. Someone said that his players "floated". This is complete nonsense. How is it possible to imagine? With Balakhnin, of course, talked a lot. Nikolaitch often consulted with me on various matters concerning football. We had a dialogue, and it was nice. — You once dropped a phrase that we are ready to try his hand after a career as a sports director. And Alexander Shikunov already knows about it? — If he finds out, I feel, finished with football. But seriously, I really like this post. From the athletic director of football, too much depends, because he is looking for the players and negotiates their invitation. But the thought of retirement I drive away. While strong enough — I will be playing. — Securities also probably do not handle now, after unsuccessfully invested in shares of "Gazprom", which dropped in price? — Oh, you can choose what you like, and everything else will come. Still decide to be a coach, trample me, and I will, as Maureen. But the share price continues to fall. As far invested? Tolerated. [B] CALL Lobanovskoye [/ b] Before Rostov aspen route from Yekaterinburg to Volgograd transit through Tel Aviv. It turns out that to get to the "Rotor" Michael should slip out of the hands of bandits. In addition, last season highly motivated Southerners midfielder secured his friend, the football player who gave three assignments. — Last year, you abandoned the usual 30 th issue and took the "top ten". "30" for the old-timer of the team was no longer solidly? — "Tridtsadku" took when I turned so many years. I’ll tell you a better story on this topic. We went for a vacation to Egypt with a friend’s family after departed from the Premier League. And the one I set three goals: to score fifteen goals remain the captain and take the 10th number. I immediately said that calm about the captaincy and rooms, but doubts about the goals. However, scoring sixteen! — What is the reward received? — BMW X 6. — Pro native "Ural", where they played in the Intertoto remember or have not? — I remember, of course. I watch his performances. — Remember, you bandits "Uralmash" forced to stay. With them have a good relationship? — Well, what is now the bandits? All legalized business. He came after me Rochus Schoch that the "Rotor" to take away, and said: "Go to the manual. Want me cry, but do your best to let you go. " I came. Looked at me and said: "Do you remember what it was with Oleg Veretennikov? ‘. The answer, they say, read about it. Me again: "Sit down, otherwise you and I would be even worse." I get it. However, soon "Uralmash" I sold to the Israeli "Maccabi" from Tel Aviv and from there to the "Rotor" and uper me to him. Although Volgograd I categorically refused to let go of Yekaterinburg. I do not know why. — Israel after the Russian heartland shocked with something? — And how. At 21, I lived in a house on the beach, allocated car. We like it — give you four sets of forms, three pairs of boots, and you have to supervise them — wash, clean. And I’m in the "Maccabi" on the players after the first workout I look, and they are all light, only handy in their hands. It turned out, for all the special people watched. Surprised. — Why did not stay there longer, so much dreaming, "rotor"? — Yeah, wanted to Volgograd. There was a suggestion of Kiev "Dynamo", but was afraid to go there. Although I personally called Lobanovsky. Smart people are then told that I was wrong. Like, if he Valeriy calls, then there is no point even contemplate. — In 2007, you signed a contract with "Ruby", took things from Rostov, Kazan, but never proved. — For me is still a mystery what happened. We agreed on everything, and then, as I was told, someone came to Kazan to negotiate on my behalf. I have not figured out who and why. — You’ve admitted that in 30 years to win wants stronger. That’s because time is running out? — You become more experienced and understand the need to avoid stupid mistakes, for example, in the 86th minute when 85 otpahal like crazy. — A few years ago, you were tearing apart: and "Dynamo" was an option, and w
ith the "locomotive", and "Ruby", and all of you in the "Rostov" and the medals and cups. Preferred to remain the first guy in the village? — Who knows what else will. So now I will score "Zenith", then someone else, and be invited again. Yes, all is well with me, I love Rostov. And write. Alexander NETSENKO info@futbol60.ru INFORMATION Date of Birth: November 8, 1975. Place of birth: pos. Artie (Sverdlovsk region). Citizenship: Russia. Height — 180 cm, weight — 77 kg. Position: Midfielder. Playing career: "Miner" Kachkanar — 1993, "Uralets" Nizhny Tagil — 1994 — 1995, "Uralmash" Ekaterinburg — 1996 — 1997, "Maccabi" Tel Aviv, Israel — 1997 — 1998, "Rotor" Volgograd — 1998 — 2000, "Rostselmash" Rostov-on-Don — 2001 — 2002, "Rostov" Rostov-on-Don — from 2003. Achievements: Cup finalist Russia — 2002 — 2003, the winner of the First Division — 2008, the best footballer in the first division according to the PFL — 2008.

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