Mysterious hum puzzling scientists

September 16. Strange hum from time to time hear the people on the coast of North Carolina. These sounds are strong enough to cause jitter window panes and doors. The explanation has yet been found — like the buzz can not be caused by hurricanes or human activity, its source remains a mystery.

Such noise is not unique to the present time and is not tied exclusively to North Carolina. People living near Seneca Lake in upstate New York, a long time ago hear the same sounds, which they call a "weapon of Seneca» (Seneca guns). On the coast of Belgium, the phenomenon known as "sighs mist" or "fog burp." In the delta of the Ganges and the Bay of Bengal, it is called "Banzalskimi guns" in the Italian Apennines — «brontidi» or "like thunder." In Japan, these sounds are called "yang".

— Whatever it was, it's a very interesting topic for research — said seismologist David Hill, an honorary member of the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California.

A long list of hypotheses

Currently, there are many plausible explanations for this mysterious phenomena, including earthquakes, faults rocks Mud volcanoes, Explosive gas emissions into the atmosphere, storm surges, tsunamis, meteors, distant thunder and roar of the so-called sand.

— Clearly, there is a long list of natural processes which can be responsible for this phenomenon, — said Hill.

Eyewitnesses have described these sounds as cannon cannon or sound of falling rocks is the same as in earthquakes in England in the period from 1880 to 1916. In 1975, researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey was able to record both acoustic and seismic signals from a series of earthquakes in California. It was found that three earthquakes with magnitudes 2.0-2.8 accompanied by sound phenomena that began during the 0.02 seconds after the passage of seismic waves through the measuring station. Similar results were obtained for earthquakes in the French Pyrenees in 2004.

In any case, sounds from earthquakes can be felt even if no appreciable tremors person believes Hill. For example, while in the coastal areas of North Carolina earthquakes are rare, they are relatively familiar in the area of Charleston in South Carolina, where in 1886 happened Charleston earthquake of magnitude 7.6. Tremors were also quite frequent in the Catskill Mountains, where is Lake Seneca. Local residents were able to hear sounds from earthquakes, too weak to feel the tremors.

In addition, faults occur periodically rock when rock deep bedding suddenly dropping the internal stresses. Most often this happens above mining after the removal of large masses of rock. Such faults can be considered small near-surface earthquakes. Scientists have recorded notable tremors and sudden booming sounds during such breaks.

Responsibility for these mysterious sounds can lie on the giant waves. For example, the buzz is well known for surfers looking for extreme waves. Moreover, after the disastrous magnitude 9.1 earthquake in Sumatra in 2004 and the ensuing tsunami, many witnesses from various regions reported that they heard a loud roar from the sea, accompanied the 2-3 biggest waves that hit the shore.

— I was surprised to learn that a tsunami can produce similar sounds, — said Hill. — I do not think anyone understands how this happens.

David believes that the sound is heard in North Carolina, Belgium and the Bay of Bengal, may be caused by the huge waves formed by remote storms raging at a considerable distance from the coast. These waves can also affect the underwater gas hydrate deposits, causing explosive methane emissions.

Hum sands and seismometers

Another possible explanation may meteors which capable of creating sonic booms and the strongest explosions after the entry into the dense layers of the atmosphere. Given the speed of sound, the visible signs of meteor may disappear long before the shock sounds reach the observer, especially in the daytime.

Under certain circumstances, even sand dunes can generate a variety of sounds, including a whisper, humming, whistling and screeching. Hum sands, comparable to the roar of thunder can be heard at a distance of 10 km in length up to 15 minutes. Typically, these sounds are created on the leeward slopes of large sand dunes in arid climates, with dunes should consist of smooth and almost spherical grains of sand.

— In the Eastern Desert of Egypt Bedouins have long heard of such a buzz and avoid visiting these areas. After the installation of seismometers, researchers have found that these sounds are associated with minor earthquakes that cause hum dunes — Hill said.

In the future, when possible artificial sources (military exercises and quarry blasts) are excluded, the network of seismic sensors will determine whether the source of these sounds, earthquakes or volcanoes. For instance, mobile network of seismometers USArray is now moving eastward across the United States and can help to find out the source of sounds in North Carolina.

Hill presented the details of the study in the fall issue of Seismological Research Letters.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin


Moan of the Earth: Worldwide Earth makes strange noises

This was a strange sound from different places of the Earth report more often, sometimes preceded by the sound of an earthquake. These sounds are heard not only individuals, but whole stadiums, and sometimes even whole cities.

A day before a major earthquake in the Northeast part of the United States during a baseball game was heard a strange sound recorded on video (see below). Also, the sound was reported from Russia, Canada and other places, and he also preceded the earthquake.

"The phenomenon of the woodpecker"

We know that in the 70 years of the Russian technology of electromagnetic pulse caused the effect of a woodpecker, which is transmitted in the United States.

And people were already concerned about the impact on the brain.

One can only imagine what it is now capable of ionospheric heater, and other technologies.

This is all very strange, and thanks to youtube all these phenomena are well documented.

(Below) In the U.S., this phenomenon took place recently … Of course it was explained that this PA-system (possibly public address system at the stadium, approx. Mixednews). This is the same sound as in the video above … where there were no stadiums, no PA-systems … and just before the earthquake in Northeast!

Here is another example. This strange sound similar to the sound during a baseball game, and in some other videos.

The following example. At this time somewhat differs. High sound preceded the day with strange clouds and a rainbow — and 11 hours later, the region also happened 5-magnitude earthquake.

Approx. mixednews: We completed the compilation of several videos with strange sounds. All of them took place in different cities and countries: in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the U.S., Canada, Brazil …

According to tone, they presumably have the same nature. Furthermore, there is another common point: almost all the sounds occurred in August 2011 (date of the video viewing).

Tula, Russia:

Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

Moscow, Russia:

Kiev, Ukraine:

Odessa, Ukraine:

Zhitomir, Ukraine:

Lodz, Poland:

Curitiba, Brazil:

South-East of England:

In this case, the sound is different from the others. By roller writes: The sound was recorded August 24, 2011 in the South East of England. The place where I live is very isolated, and next to me is a total of 12 other private houses. The nearest town of more than 20 kilometers. This is most similar to the sound of a huge steam engine … However, it was difficult to determine where the sound is coming. He seemed to come from everywhere. And the nearest train station is more than 60 miles away. Other neighbors were awakened by this strange sound, but also could not explain it. Then, the sound suddenly stopped. In total, it lasted about 15 minutes.

Source: Mixednews

Compilation of strange atmospheric sounds for 2011

Penultimate hazy video clip — installation.
See Original video.

Author's comment:

Photography & editing: Hokum
Tripods: Roy Augenstein and Dugan Beach (War of the worlds)
Sounds by: Hokum, klankbeeld, sandyrb, ERH


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