nanoCAD — the first domestic freeware basic CAD platform

The first domestic freeware basic CAD platform for a variety of industries. NanoCAD platform contains all the tools necessary basic design, and thanks to an intuitive interface, the direct support of the format *. Dwg and compatibility with other CAD solutions is the best choice in the transition to alternative systems.

NanoCAD platform is constantly evolving and improving. In developing the new version nanoCAD the emphasis was placed on improving the stability and optimization of 2D drafting tools.

  • nanoCAD — is this:
  • The familiar interface;
  • Direct support for the latest versions of the format *. Dwg;
  • Full development tool drawings;
  • Application Development (API);
  • Compatibility with other solutions;
  • CAD, free for all!



Familiar Interface

Convenience and "friendliness» nanoCAD provided adopted traditional practices and familiar interface. NanoCAD be able to master almost any designer who has worked in popular CAD: menu, button icons, panels, and the command line is easily recognizable. All this allows you to get started quickly, spending a little time to retrain staff.

Direct support for the latest versions of the format *. Dwg

nanoCAD used as the primary data format is the most common file format technical documents — *. dwg. Drawings stored in this format can be used without loss of information in nanoCAD, or in any other CAD systems supporting *. Dwg-format combining solutions together.

Direct work with files *. Dwg increases the reliability of the drawings. Built-in auto-save and restore the drawings to create backup copies of files, audit problematic files — all this allows the user to be sure that its critical information did not occur even in the case of emergencies.

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