NATO aircraft will receive the Russian missile defense to protect against MANPADS

NATO experts have completed testing of the Russian-Spanish system MANTA, designed to protect aircraft from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS).


MANTA system is a collaboration of Indra and Rosoboronexport, now it has been successfully tested and is ready for installation on the aircraft.

Tests carried out by NATO, have given positive results. During the exercise EMBOW XIII from 19 September to 14 October 2011 in a rocket testing center Biscarrosse (France) MANTA was installed on C-212 and successfully repelled the attack missiles with infrared homing.

From May to September 2011 MANTA system passed over 130 tests and flew 20 hours to be completed about 500 starts, each test involved simultaneous firing of several types of MANPADS. This highlights the uniqueness of the system, which does not require identification of the type rockets, as dual-band multi-channel emits a laser beam that can blind the missile from any infrared seeker.

MANTA is automatic: the electron-optical system detects a missile launch, and it leads to a high-energy laser beam.

System performance is very high, which helps protect the aircraft even in the case of multiple launches of missiles. This is especially important for dealing with terrorists who practice hunting aircraft ambush — the massive fire that guarantees defeat the purpose. In addition, it is possible to evade advanced mobile anti-aircraft missile systems with a high density of fire.

MANTA originally designed for installation in vehicles and aircraft refueling tankers, but Indra plans to develop a modification to use the new system to counter and helicopters.

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