Net income increased OAK 12 times

Net income of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for the I half-year 2013 under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) has exceeded 502,900,000 rubles. These data are presented in the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements posted on the official website of the KLA. Last year during the same period, the figure was 40,274,000 rubles. Thus, net sales increased by 12 times. According to the UAC, it is possible to achieve a net profit margin of more than 18% and reduce the unallocated loss by 23% — to 1.7 billion rubles. 

Sales Corporation for the six months was 2.72 billion rubles. Last year, it reached 3.232 billion rubles. The representatives of the KLA declining trend explained "unevenness of the production cycle, the inherent aircraft industry." At the end of 2013 projected to remain in revenues from the previous fiscal year — 11.5-12 billion rubles. "In the reporting half of one of the new sources of revenue are in the R & D development of promising products and projects in accordance with the Federal Program" Development of Russian civil aviation for 2002-2010. and for the period up to 2015 ", in the direction of providing income in the amount of 0.8 billion rubles." — The report of the corporation.

Cost of sales cost the corporation of 2.53 billion rubles., Whereas last year — 3.18 billion rubles. Note that the cost of production of aircraft for half a year is estimated at 1.8 billion rubles. (More than 3.087 billion rubles. — In 2012).

Net debt KLA six months 2013 decreased by 6% to 33.9 billion rubles., Interest expense decreased by 2%. Vice-President, Economics and Finance KLA Vladimir Chirikov stressed that the growth in net income and net assets may contribute to the formation of positive stories securities KLA.

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