New water held in the satellite city of Perm

Construction of inter-municipal water supply Perm-Krasnokamsk cost 348 million rubles completed in the Perm region, a satellite town of the regional center will provide a reliable source of water, according to the regional administration.

Krasnokamsk city on the right bank of the Kama River below Perm stream periodically left without water — the only source of a river. According to authorities, the issue was about a quarter century. After one of the biggest failures in February 2010, when more than 50,000 residents were left without water for three days, the authorities took up the issue seriously change the source of water supply. It was decided to build a new water pipeline from Chusovskoi withdrawal (from feed and Perm), whose power is increased to 420 thousand cubic meters per day.

"On Wednesday, the head of the region Viktor Basargin and experts Krasnokamsky water utility opened the valve to start the water. Filling the entire water supply system will be gradual, in the near future plumbing work at full power <…> The length of the water main is 14 kilometers, the station itself has also undergone a facelift. As a result, it will deliver to Krasnokamsk 21,000 cubic meters of water per day, "- transmit power.

Now a day Krasnokamsk consumes 12-13 million cubic meters, but the city is growing, so the project was carried out with significant reserve increase consumption. The design life of culvert — 50 years. Cost of the work — about 348 million rubles are allocated from the federal and regional budgets. Construction was carried out in 2012.

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