New York is gradually restoring movement underground

New York is gradually restoring motion subway Facts

For safety on time spent over New York in the city of Hurricane Sandy were limited work underground. After analyzing the current situation, the local administration to take a decision by the evening of November 1 practically resume this mode of transport.

Without Metro temporarily leaving only the residents of Lower Manhattan, from 34th Street, as there has not yet been possible to restore the electricity supply after the awful devastation that left a Sandy. Thus fully earned 14 out of 23 lines of the New York subway.
This is a huge relief for all residents, as many millions of hard metropolis in balance, if one of the main modes of transportation it is not functioning at full capacity. However, the subway workers continue to pump out water from flooded stations, as it tunnels through Sandy got a few tens of millions of liters.
The assurance of the municipal authorities, the weekend work underground will be fully restored. Bus traffic resumed by almost 100%, the city even offers its passengers to travel for free. To the still not fully cleared the streets is not to complicate the situation for two days a limit on the number of vehicles and the number of passengers that are allowed to cross the bridge over the four East River to enter Manhattan. The machine should be located at least three people.

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