NGO RIC-Systems, Institute of Information Technology and Security KubGTU and NEI ISTEK signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of solutions for the situation centers


NGO RIC-Systems announces agreement with the Institute of Information Technology and security of the Kuban State University of Technology and the Institute of modern technology and the economy (LEU ISTEK, Krasnodar). The agreement is the cooperation of the parties in the development of information and communication solutions in the market of the Russian Federation.
The priority area of cooperation is the development and implementation of software and hardware designed to provide situational centers of government and heads of large industrial enterprises.
The competence of the parties to include the development and implementation of automated information-analytical systems and providing comprehensive protection for their situation centers, as well as hardware and software systems, including the acquisition subsystem, and data processing and automated monitoring subsystem objects and processes.
For the implementation of joint initiatives sides express readiness to exchange technical and other information, to carry out joint projects and public events to promote popularization of information and communication solutions designed.

Information about the participants of the agreement
NGO "Russian Innovation Complex Systems" (RIC-Systems) is a leading Russian systems integrator and consulting partner in the field of telecommunications and automated systems for monitoring the safety of objects and processes.
The Group’s business is the development and production of information-based navigation equipment GLONASS / GPS, systems solutions for professional radio, as well as the implementation of integration and consulting projects for the creation of multi-telecommunication networks, specialized hardware and software systems, automated monitoring of objects and processes .

Kuban State University of Technology — the leading educational and scientific center of Russia. In 2008, on the basis of the Department of Computer Technology and Information Security established the Institute of Information Technology and security. Scientific research institute focused on the development of theoretical and methodological aspects of the use of systems analysis in managing complex organizational and technical systems.
Within this framework, conducted basic and applied research semi-controlled systems with intelligent decision support system modeled and studied communication and patterns of objects and processes that are developed methodological foundations of a comprehensive information security. Created landfill universal situation center, which are researched and tried out the basic solutions for intelligent situational management of public institutions, enterprises and organizations.

Private educational institution of higher education "Institute of modern technology and the economy" was founded in 1992 as a structure, effectively implementing the paradigm of lifelong learning. The main scientific activities of the university — the automation of procedures, systems analysis and development of mathematical and algorithmic support of highly intelligent information analysis systems. The result is a software platform for situational centers for different purposes, which is adaptive to situational management of private industry, company and organization. On the basis of the platform is designed Situation Room of the Chancellor.

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