Nigeria works to reduce lead contamination

Nigeria works to reduce lead pollution Facts

Leaders northwest Zamfara State in Nigeria is actively promoting cleaner technologies work in the mines in order to reduce the release of substances contain hazardous concentrations of lead miners. The solution has been officially declared a news agency in the capital city of Guassau already dubbed the new technology "wet mill".

The reason for such a decisive steps was the fact that the miners who choose home-made method to have high levels of lead in their blood. Their children, and many other residents of mining communities are suffering from similar problems. The Government is confident that the main cause of infection was illegal introduction of mines in operation, where the owners have neglected many of the security measures.
Of lead-contaminated killed many Nigerians, the vast majority of the victims are children. They all used the poisoned water sources, a lack of which many residents simply could no longer put up with and went to extreme measures. Now the country will work directive to phase out outdated techniques of coarse gold and other precious minerals.
In Nigeria, there were 62 mining cooperative association, and conducted their active presentation of new safer and more eco-friendly practices that are required to assimilate all the miners. The technology must be not only safe for miners employed, but also more efficient and profitable industry for the hosts.

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